Religion & Spiritual Practice

A welcoming spirit

A secular institution, the University of Chicago welcomes individuals of all faiths and belief systems to our diverse and inclusive community. You can view the University’s Policy on Religious Accommodation to better understand what happens when a student misses a class, an assignment, or exam to observe a religious holiday. The Spiritual Life office offers resources, community, events, and activities to help you connect, understand, ask, and explore. 

Prayer and Meditation Spaces

There are several spaces designed for prayer, meditation, and quiet contemplation on campus and in the surrounding area. The prayer and meditation space toolkit can help you plan, create, and maintain a space within your local unit.

Muslim Prayer Room

Designed specifically with the needs of Muslim students in mind, a prayer space is available in Regenstein Library for daily prayer. It has room for two to three people to pray simultaneously and a place to remove shoes, as well as signage indicating the direction to Mecca. Students and staff may also use the Muslim Prayer Room in Ida Noyes Hall.