Report a Bias Incident

What is bias?

Bias is a pre-formed negative opinion or attitude toward a group of persons who possess common characteristics, such as skin color, or cultural experiences, such as religion or national origin. 

Who can you turn to if you experience or witness bias?

You can seek assistance from the Bias Education & Support Team (BEST). BEST’s mission is to educate and support students affected by bias incidents and empower them to respond effectively. The University urges anyone who has experienced or witnessed a bias incident to report it to BEST.  

Report a bias incident

  • Report online
  • Contact a BEST member listed on this page.


The Dean-on-Call can provide referrals, information, and support to students during an emergency. The Dean-on-Call at times intervenes to de-escalate a situation between students and other members of the campus and/or community, and works to coordinate the University’s response to ensure that students receive due consideration and fair treatment. 

The Dean-on-Call can be reached by calling:

  • UCPD at 773.702.8181 or 123 from a campus phone
  • 773.834.HELP (4357) or 4.HELP (4357) from a campus phone