President & Provost Message


The University of Chicago has long espoused two critical values: a deep and foundational commitment to free expression and rigorous inquiry, and the importance of the rich diversity of the campus community.

Since its founding, the University has been committed to the idea that these values enhance each other: that a culture of rigorous inquiry requires an environment where diverse perspectives, experiences, groups of individuals, and ideas inform and stimulate intellectual exchange, challenge, and engagement.

This commitment demands that the University create a climate of respect, civility, and inclusion. We must be an intellectual community where all scholars feel welcome, heard, and encouraged to do their best work. Students, faculty, and staff all play pivotal roles in creating this environment where ideas are challenged, new fields of inquiry are defined, and conventional wisdom is questioned.

Our society as a whole has engaged in many exclusionary practices, and these acts of bias—both historical and ongoing, both explicit and implicit—have limited opportunity and participation for many individuals and groups. As a university community, we must take these climate issues seriously and address them openly. This is critical for ensuring that all faculty, students, and staff are able to fully participate in open discourse on campus and thus fully benefit from and contribute to the deeply enriching and challenging academic environment characteristic of the University of Chicago.

President Robert J. Zimmer and Provost Ka Yee Lee