Town Hall: Race at the University of Chicago

Dec. 3

6:00–7:30 pm

Join the Race and Pedagogy Working Group for a virtual town hall on race at the University of Chicago. This event is focused on student learning experiences and aims to provide a space to check in with the student community and listen to students' experiences with the content of coursework, the climate of the University community, and the composition of our community as it relates to race. Advocates for diversity, equity, and inclusion at the University are welcome and encouraged to attend, but faculty, staff, and administrators are asked to refrain from offering commentary and instead take this opportunity to listen to what students have to say. It is expected that the following topics will be discussed:

  • How race is or isn't taught in core UChicago classes
  • The experiences of racialized people in UChicago classrooms and what has changed with the onset of virtual learning
  • Specific concerns students have around how issues of race are dealt with at the University.
  • Hopes that students have for how the University will engage with topics/issues of race in the future

For more information, contact Christina Roman at