D+I Studio

Working to change experiences, behaviors, conditions, and minds

The D+I Studio collaborates with University partners to build custom solutions to diversity and inclusion challenges. Using human-centered design, we create solutions based on the individual needs of the partner.

Our Process

  • Human-centered design (H-CD) is a collaborative, problem-solving process that merges qualitative and quantitative research with design approaches and values.
  • By understanding people's experiences and examining local context, we identify key challenges, assets, and opportunities.

H-CD differs from other problem-solving processes. Once data are gathered, multiple ideas are generated. These ideas are then systematically evaluated to ensure they meet specific design criteria. We select options that are relevant and likely to be effective. These ideas are then further defined through building and testing prototypes with the people who will be most impacted by them. This iterative process helps to improve the original ideas, while focusing on interventions most worthy of investment. While the results will vary based on the nature of the collaboration, the final product often takes the form of frameworks, strategies, programs, services, products, tools, workshops, or trainings.

Our Recent Collaborations

D&I Planning Toolkit

Download this kit to help you design a D&I plan for your unit 

Test Taking Accommodations
Making the accommodations process more seamless and sustainable for Student Disability Services staff, students, and faculty

Food Access
We're working to Improve access to food for UChicago students

Prayer & Meditation Spaces
Designing a how-to manual to guide units through the process of creating designated spaces